The 1st Annual Van Zanten Center Golf Outing to Fight Roseland Hunger was a Success!!!

In some places it was raining buckets the morning of our scheduled golf outing.  It certainly didn’t look like the weather would cooperate with our event.  Thankfully, the same God who walked on the water in the person of Jesus and parted the waters for Moses, is the same God that we serve.  He held off the rain until we were just about done.


We are grateful to God and we are grateful to all the good folks who came out, as well as sponsors who gave, to support the First Annual Van Zanten Center Golf Outing to Fight Hunger in Roseland.  We are happy to report that we raised over ten thousand dollars toward the food programs that happen at Roseland Christian Ministries’ Van Zanten Center Sunday through Friday!  Everyone had a great time, so I’m sure this will grow to be bigger and better next year and each one following.


We would also like to thank our organizers, without whom we could not have pulled this off.  They are Roger De Groot, Bob Reagan, and Roger Lefers.


Finally, please take time to visit our sponsors and let them know you take notice of their support of Kingdom Causes.  

They are:



  • Morgan Park Auto Service










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