Homes Renewal Program

If you would drive through Roseland, you would likely see more than a few boarded-up houses.  Boarded up houses are a curse to our community.  Wasted lumber.  Wasted shelter.  A place where anything goes, because nobody is watching. 


The Homes Renewal LLC was formed as an answer to the curse of boarded-up houses in Roseland.  It was to be a redemption of sorts.  Through the years God has pushed the leadership of Roseland Christian Ministries as well as thousands of volunteers and over 50 families in purchasing, rehabilitating, and reclaiming these boarded up houses for the Kingdom of God.


We are happy to report that multiple families have been blessed to find a path to home ownership where it might have been unlikely any other way.  Two houses are currently under contract and those buyers are set to be homeowners in the very near future. 

The program has not been without it's hardships.  Due to certain economic, social, and other factors we are looking to sell the remaining three residential properties  that we own and pray about a more effective solution to the problem that we set out to address.  


If you are interested in purchasing any of our remaining properties click the links at the upper right of this page for more information.


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