Homes Renewal Program

If you would drive through Roseland, you would likely see more than a few boarded-up houses.  Boarded up houses are a curse to our community.  Wasted lumber.  Wasted shelter.  A place where anything goes, because nobody is watching.  We’ve wondered and prayed for the vision to see these houses as God sees them.  And we came to the realization maybe God doesn’t see a boarded up house as a heap of waste.  Maybe, God sees these beat down boarded up houses as redeemable.  Like a lost child, just needing some redemption.   Through the years God has pushed the leadership of Roseland Christian Ministries as well as thousands of volunteers and over 50 families in purchasing, rehabilitating, and reclaiming these boarded up houses for the Kingdom of God.  In 2011, two houses were bought and rehabbed and 2 families have become home owners.  This is an amazing ministry that at its core is transformational.   The curse of a boarded up house is transformed into the blessing of a beautiful home for a family.  God’s Kingdom proclaimed in work.  In addition to rehabilitating homes, the Homes Renewal program also works with community members by making repairs on their homes and by working with the neighborhood on several community gardens.


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